custom_mfg_pic Custom Manufacturing,
Toll Manufacturing & Toll Blending

Sialco Custom Manufactures and Toll Manufactures numerous surfactants and related organic chemicals under contract. These materials vary widely in application ranging from synthetic lubricants, sunscreen additives and cosmetic waxes to oilfield, pulp and paper and mining processing aids. Many of these materials are patented and are made exclusively for the patent holder.

Many companies have found that shipping low active products from the Southern USA or Europe to the Pacific Northwest just doesn't make financial sense, especially when there is a qualified toll manufacturer or toll blender who can handle their work.

Sialco is primarily a Custom or Toll Manufacturer of specialty chemicals. Our plant has been specifically engineered for multi-product, multi-reaction chemical processing. Occasionally, a toll blending project is entertained if it involves some sort of technical processing step or specialized equipment.